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National Greasy Food Day

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Today is National Greasy Food Day so it seems appropriate to mix up the Full Monte cocktail.  It also fits the bill as a helpful treatment in the event that you indulge in too much greasy food.  You’re on your own in terms of what to eat but we’re here to help with a digestion aid, an amaro-heavy drink to ease the situation.  It should help you avoid the need for a cardiologist on speed dial.

National Greasy Food Day

National Greasy Food Day is a feel-good kind of day.  Sure, it’ll make doctors and nutritionists wring hands and gnash teeth, but they’re no fun.  The world is full of delicious foods and a lot of them are chock full of various fats and grease.  Besides, you need fats to absorb vitamins A, D, E and K.

Of course, we take a broad view of what constitutes greasy food, interpreting it as a lot of oil, butter or other fat infusing or clinging to it.  Sure, there may be a tendency to be high in calories, fat, salt and refined carbohydrates, but you gotta have fun sometimes.   And are a lot of solid choices in the greasy food pantheon.

Among the most popular food items are French fries, potato chips, deep-dish pizza, onion rings, cheeseburgers and doughnuts.  And popular they are:  fried chicken is the most ordered restaurant food in the U.S.  Americans, on average, consume around 29 pounds of French fries each year and donut makers produce over 10 billion each year.  That’s a lot of donuts.

State and County fairs seem to be altars to greasy foods, a laboratory of sorts for slathering anything in batter and throwing it into a deep fryer.  Even sticks of butter.  Or whole cheeseburgers.  They’ll even fry a pickle.  You can sometimes have a ketchup flavored soft serve for dessert, but that doesn’t really quality for today.

National Greasy Food Day doesn’t seem to have a specific creator or story of origin but how to observe it is obvious enough.   So whether you fry up a bunch of bacon and then cook your hash browns in the rendered fat, or just wolf down a dozen donuts your mission is clear:  have at it.  And you’ll need a drink.

The Full Monte Cocktail

The term “fully monty” is a bit of British slang.  It means “everything which is necessary, appropriate or possible.”  Which is probably how you’ll feel after partaking in National Greasy Food Day.  The Full Monte cocktail, at least by name, fits the day.  But there’s more:  it’s an amaro-based drink, a digestif.  It’ll help cut through the ongoing battle within your beleaguered digestive tract.

The Full Monte cocktail is reminiscent of a Manhattan, specifically a Reverse Manhattan in which one swaps the proportions of rye whiskey and sweet vermouth.  But sweet vermouth won’t cut the mustard when you’re full of grease, so it uses Amaro Montenegro instead. The Full Monte was developed by Jenelle Engleson at Gertie’s Whiskey Bar inside the 404 Kitchen in Nashville, Tennessee.

Amaro Montenegro is the best-selling amaro in Italy, with flavors of orange, vanilla and spice.  It’s not too bitter and has an ABV of 23%.  We’ve used it in several drinks, notably the Duke cocktail, the Italian Rivalry and Jolene’s Bittersweet.  We know a couple of bartenders that like to start their shift with a 50/50 shot of mezcal and Montenegro.

full monte cocktail

Full Monte Cocktail

A variation on the Reverse Manhattan, the Full Monte cocktail uses Amaro Meletti instead of vermouth. So it's really an amaro-based drink. Like the Reverse Manhattan it swaps proportions with the whiskey, meaning two ounces of Amaro Meletti to one ounce of rye whiskey.
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  • Add Amaro Montenegro, rye whiskey and Angostura bitters to your trusty mixing glass.
  • Add ice and stir to chill.
  • Strain over ice into Old Fashioned glass.
  • Express orange twist over drink and discard. The twist has given its all.
  • Garnish with cherry on cocktail pick.
  • Drink.
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