The Brothers Anderman

Beyond having the same parents, the Brothers Anderman share one important trait: a long haul in the corporate world drove each of them to drink.

Louis Anderman finally decided after 20 years in the film industry to leave that behind him and monetize both his drinking habit and penchant for learning the obscure by founding the Miracle Mile Bitters Co.  With the mission statement of “making the world a better place, 2-3 dashes at a time” he continues to painstakingly create bitters, both classic and esoteric, and ship them to discerning customers around the globe.

Louis Anderman

Chief Protocol Officer

Jeff Anderman

Editor in Chief

Jeff Anderman arrived by a slightly more circuitous route.  Still slaving away in a corporate job while Louis was bottling bitters and doing field research, Jeff would often call Louis and ask him “what should I drink today?”  With Louis’ encyclopedic knowledge of obscure dates and useless trivia related to the cocktail world they would utilize some twisted logic to determine an appropriate cocktail to match the occasion.

Jeff ultimately took mercy upon other hapless souls at his workplace and started sending out Drink of the Day suggestions by email on appropriate dates.  This proved popular and Louis noted that it was starting to take on the aura of a Drunkard’s Almanac, with calendar-appropriate drinks and accompanying guidance.  Once Jeff decided he’d had enough of the regular day job world they decided to make The Drunkard’s Almanac a real thing, one drink at a time.  After all, if farmers can utilize an almanac why shouldn’t drinkers?