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Sherlock Holmes cocktail

Sherlock Holmes Cocktail

Inspired by the intrepid sleuth, the Sherlock Holmes cocktail makes good use of some of his favorite ingredients: whisky and tea. While the recipe calls for Holmes' favorite tea, and its smoky flavor is best, you should feel free to substitute any black tea you have around. We don't know the origin of this drink, but when you get down to it, it's a variation on a whiskey sour.
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  • Shaker
  • Nick and Nora or coupe glass


  • oz Scotch Whisky You really want a single-malt Islay Scotch here, preferably something quite peaty like Laphroaig.
  • 1 oz Chilled brewed Lapsang Souchong tea If you've got it. Otherwise just use an ordinary tea (but not green tea).
  • 1 oz Honey syrup Just mix equal quantities of honey and warm water to create syrup.
  • ¾ oz Fresh lemon juice


  • Add all ingredients to your trusty shaker.
  • Add ice and shake until frosty cold.
  • Strain into pre-chilled cocktail glass.
  • Drink.
  • Solve unsolvable crime.